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Made with simple, real ingredients, our signature artisan bread is fermented for at least 14 hours and slow baked to deliver a rich flavor and crusty texture that delivers an experience that is distinctively: The Rustik Oven.

When you use simple, real ingredients, you always end up with something simply inspiring that’s ready to make each moment, experience and memory delicious.

The Rustik Oven

(Pouring water into flour)

The secret to The Rustik Oven?

(Tossing dough in flour)

Our simple and clean ingredients

(Adding grains to dough)

Are kneaded with care

Followed by a slow fermentation process

(Baking dough)

Before being baked in our stone ovens

(Tearing open freshly baked bread)

Our signature process delivers artisan bread

(Slicing fresh bread)

That lasts

(Woman eating delicious bread and meat)

The Rustik Oven, where simple meets real.